I’m Dreaming…

December 21, 2010 § Leave a comment

…of a white Christmas.

Okay, you caught me…yes, I’ve watched “White Christmas” about three or four times already this holiday season, and have every intention of doing so yet again this coming Saturday. I just can’t get enough Bing in my life.

Every Christmas Eve I hope the snow will start falling (yes, maybe so I can break out into “snow…SNow…SNOW” – in all the right harmonies I might add)…so much so that we’re trapped in our little house Christmas day, sipping on wassel, munching on noshes and enjoying a day of naps and doing nothing. However, because I do live in Portland Oregon, my dreams of snow usually turn into a more realistic rainfall – which I’ve come to accept. One day I’ll make it to a snowy climate and wake up to the bright white.

Speaking of white – what about decorating in all white, for the everyday as well as for the holidays? It can be dangerous, but so incredibly beautiful it may be worth the extra care.


Courtesy of Country Living

Courtesy of Rue Magazine

Slightly obsessed…

Made It Girl

Made It Girl

Made It Girl

Courtesy of Ann Sage

Courtesy of South Philly Renovation

Loving the lace…

Courtesy of Inspiring Designs


Written by GHID Associate Interior Designer, Nicole Copko


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