Seasonal Decor…

December 8, 2010 § Leave a comment

One of my favorite things to do during the holiday season is to help anyone and everyone decorate for the Christmas season…imagine that.

Yesterday, Garrison and I had the opportunity to help one of our clients set-up and decorate her home for her upcoming Christmas party. We moved a few things out, brought a few things in and wall-ahhh; the space looked festive and pulled-together in no time at all.

Our client had both old and new decor to work with; some we used, and others we put back into the boxes. Remember, just because you have it doesn’t mean you have to, or need to display it. Simplify.

Take into consideration your existing accessory elements (the stuff you have out all year-long) when decorating for the holidays, don’t overdo the festive pieces. Work with the decor you have and add your holiday additions to enhance the space.

One more tip we’d like to share (that goes for accessorizing in general), when grouping items it’s nice to place them with similar items that tie them altogether; a unifying element if you will.  For example, a few angel figurines, Santa related items, three small mercury glass votives, so on a so forth.

Remember, height and number are also key when doing this, make sure you have variations of height when placing accessories, and that your collection is a grouping of odd numbers. Odd numbers are more aesthetically pleasing to the eye, and collections in odd numbers work better for mixing and matching all your pieces together to create a more eclectic and balanced look.

While decorating we noticed a few pieces that we feel are classic Christmas decor staples, as well as a few trendy elements that we’d like to share with you. Whether you’re starting your decor from scratch, or want to know what we think are the “must-haves” for the season, allow me to elaborate and share our professional decor advice and opinion…

We love that our client had a bright gold "R" to represent their family name. It works all year-long, however, because of its gold patina it works especially well for Christmas and the holidays.

The additional gold decor around the "R" on the mantle-scape is a nice touch, the light that bounces off the fire creates a beautiful sparkle in the room.

This is a great example of balancing your festive decor with your every-day accessories. The red books work extra well for the Christmas season, however, are left out year round. *Take note of the balance and scale within the bookshelf.

Most everyone has additional ornaments left over, scatter them around the house in glass hurricanes, large bowls or propped up as seen here.

A great example of properly grouped festive accessories.

A few additional images of items GHID appreciates and deems as holiday staples for any home:

A festive wreath

Glass hurricanes, as you can see they can easily transform from Christmas to Thanksgiving/Fall, and used throughout the year.

Topiaries are wonderful additions to any space, this one in particular speaks to the holiday season with greens and reds and depending on size can be placed on either side of a mantle, fireplace, entry, console tables so on a so forth.

Everyone needs a little mistletoe.

I thoroughly enjoy fun and unique stockings, however the classic red and white work just as well.


Old-fashioned Christmas lights.

Candles, and sparkling and/or metallic holders.


Written by: GHID Associate Interior Designer, Nicole Copko


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